Videos - The Future Of Marketing

Achieve and exceed your desired business results with videos produced by Go Beyond Digital!

According to the Content Marketing Institute, 79% of B2B marketers said they use video to reach out to their clients. And a Forbes study said 75% of marketers considered video as a means to uplift their brand and 68% regularly used video to create brand awareness.

Let us help you tell your story powerfully through explainer videos or whiteboard animation videos.

Go Beyond your vision of success by connecting with your audience in an entirely new way!
Here’s how:

  • Over 300 videos produced by us have helped both small and large scale companies achieve and go beyond their goals
  • We now want to make the same fantabulous videos for you that will take you beyond the results you want
  • We have simplified the whole intricate, time-consuming and costly process of video making
  • Check out our easy-to-use template to find out how

Go Beyond Digital - delivering awesome videos every single time, that take you beyond the results you imagined!

Our Process

Go Beyond has made it possible for you to think through your needs by answering questions in our easy to use template! Your finished video is as good as the initial creative brief. Get started by defining who your audience is and the key objectives you want to achieve with them by downloading our template today.

Gone are the days when producing videos was a big budget, highly complex process! Our three step process makes creating videos under $1,000 and within 10 days a possibility!

Step 1: Creative brief - the first step in the creation of a video. Just download our easy-to-use template!
  • Answer the set of questions on it and you’ll be all set with a kick-ass script.
  • Send it on to us
Step 2 - Scripts and storyboard - Once we have the brief, we create the script and storyboard for the video
  • You approve (Don’t worry, there’s scope for revisions - you do get one set of changes)
Step 3 - Production - We get the VO recorded and create the video
  • Final approval
And, just like that, you have your awesome video!
And the cost? Go on, check us out - we promise you’ll be surprised!
Only when you are completely satisfied do you pay!


Type of video Base cost
Whiteboard animation

$1,950 Add to cart

Explainer videos

$3,450 Add to cart

Character animation style

$2,450 Add to cart

Presentation videos

$1,250 Add to cart

Stock asset/ infographic

$2,950 Add to cart

On-site shoot Contact us for pricing
*-All above videos upto 60 seconds or less in duration.
**-Our email with the free easy-to-use script-builder template will come with a 25% coupon code valid for 10 days from the date of the email.


Contact Us

  • We wanted a go-to-market video like yesterday and we’re so glad we went with them. Their template for creating the video script was so very easy to use, we were able to capture what we wanted in a few succinct questions. They just ran with it and gave us a finished whiteboarding video within no time.
  • Their template is spot-on. It was so easy just passing on the script to them - they got us a polished product in the matter of a few days!
  • Would go with them again and again for the sheer ease of process!!
  • Aced it on the first go! They understood our requirements totally and delivered with minimal edits!
  • 5 stars for getting us what we wanted in such a short time!!